Is it a change or am I just blinded by his illusion?

This dude, whom people refer as player, is just after me now. After our break-up, which I had no-idea, when it happened... I messed up. And he made it seem like we were never together. I cared for him, but for some reasons I kept it to myself, I didn't show, gradually I did show. He was always very flirtatious, these girls were also becoming a pain so I had to make him know that I'm not to be taken granted for. A month later we broke up or so it felt, he made me feel invisible, so I had to ignore too. Then after the messed up thing... I felt like an asshole, so I had a guilty feeling for a while, but he was too busy spreading shit about me to dudes who would think till the end of the universe before asking me out.. later I saw the reality it was actually him who messed up not me. So I don't feel any guilt. Maybe he does, he face says so. I don't know if he is just plotting a trap. He is after me, like hell, he is always around, and dudes walk away from me when he comes around to me. He is still flirty but isn't asking anyone out. He left a message to me saying that he likes me.


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  • he made you feel. invisible he spread rumours about you. ignore him or tell him to leave. he's just chasing you cause he knows you might give in just tell him what you felt and tell him to go away.

    • He made me feel invisible but he makes me aware that I'm very special at least to him... He gets me confused.

    • he might be using you as a cushion something to fall back on

    • not everyone who makes you feel special is good but do what you want.

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