Can a caring boyfriend be too much?

I feel like I smothered my last girlfriend not like literally but like I would compliment her daily and constantly be witty in person. In addition I would take any opportunity of me having free time to ask if she would want to hang out. We broke up but it was not because I cheated it's because she was going to Hawaii all summer and she said she didn't want to have to text me everyday and feel tied down to her phone... so did I do something wrong?


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  • It's a good thing to compliment whoever you are with daily, but maybe what you could do us let them know if they need their space you are happy to give it to them? o. o


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  • "Hold on loosely, but don't let go. If you cling too tightly, you're gonna loose control." - .38 Special

    I did that when I was younger, and learned my lesson. If you are constantly smothering her with compliments, they lose their value. They become less special, less meaningful.

    Also, let her have her space to be her own person and have her own friends. Same goes for you, spend time with your guy friends and do your own thing.

    Let her miss you, give her the space and the time to wonder what you're doing or if you're thinking about her.


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  • It depends on her personality, some girls need more love, some need space


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  • some people are simply more cligny than others. I used to have a girlfriend that would never talk to me and never want to hang out and it was so painful! now I found someone who likes to text every day and always shares her emotions. my advice is to just be yourself and talk as often as it takes to make you happy and you'll find someone that fits with you and has the same expectations in a relationship.

    as to why she left you. she was going on a long trip and just took that as an opportunity to let you down easy. she likely feels bad that she won't be seeing you and people often want to be single for the summer... maybe things just weren't working out and this is a good time to end things. it doesn't mean that she was annoyed by talking to you.


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