Is missing someone badly and Loving someone is same thing?

I miss my ex a lot but when we talk i really don't want to be friends with him or keep stretching our conversation. My friends are sweet they'll not give me true opinion to keep my feelings safe. Just give me any idea what is wrong with my head and heart


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  • you have not got over him. seems like he has moved on and you have not and your kinda jealous. that's why you keep thinking of him.
    I think you really loved this man and you can't get over he is gone.
    I know it happen to me but the other way around. I just found something else to occupy my thoughts and I went out with friends to forget. and it worked for me. and I moved on.

    • thanks pal actually i would have happily moved on but then my ex kept talking to me via text for no reason i never approached him coz i wanted to move on. Do u think that such behavior of his looks like he hasn't moved on too?

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    • Well even if he loves me and i love him we have no future. Guess I've to keep him in heart only😄 i feel light thank you! :)

    • your welcome. if you ever need any one to talk to. I'll be here and I'll gladly lesson.

  • no it's not the same. missing someone is your mind creating a fantasy version of the person who doesn't exist. your mind is simply idealizing his positives and ignoring his negatives. which is why when you talk your idealized version of him is shattered.. until you forget the interaction and go back to idealizing a memory of him

  • Doesn't have to be, but since you care enough to ask, it probably is :)


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