Why do I still think about him?

So there's this guy that had started to pursue me after realizing that I am in fact not as bitchy as he first had thought. Earlier in the school year he had talked to a "friend" of mine but that had ended long ago. Well me and this guy started to talk seriously and he walked me to class, held my hand, yano the sweet couple stuff. (Alias) My so called "friend" did not appreciate this new relationship developing and so she decided to approach me, accuse me of talking trash and slapped me across the face. (Don't worry I fought back) Well this guy and I started to date but I had gotten my phone taken away and so we only talked when we saw each other. over Christmas break he had cheated on me and I had only found out about the one girl at the time. we took a break but got back together. Mistake #1 I made him give me his passwords and everything but found nothing.. at first. in the end he had cheated on me a total of four times. he was v good to me when he wasn't cheating but I just can't get him off my mind, and Everytime I think about him it either makes me super depressed or extremely​ pissed off. I am trying to get over him but I just don't know how. Help.


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  • Find another pterosaurs that you can confide with, a close friend or family member. It helps to get things off of your chest. The next thing to do is to tell yourself that "he created on me;hurt Me so why does he deserve to be on my mind. " then look for someone new. It helps to remove the old and invite the new. ☺️

  • you miss his attention, not HIM


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