Is my ex-boyfriend a psychopath? (Not that it really matters of course)

So I dated this guy, Edgar, for about a year. I broke up with him simply because I couldn't take his crap anymore. Recently, I started to look back on his behavior and question his 'sanity.' At the time, I never considered him a 'psychopath,' and most of the time I either believed or defended him. When I first met him, he seemed kind, gentle and humble. He was easy to talk to. Almost Immediately, he started talking about how he got a football scholarship and his plans in becoming a doctor (at the time he was a college student). He talked a lot about his popularity at his college, and how great he was at sports. (I later found out that he did not have a football scholarship, that he was unpopular at school, and that he was terrible in sports). He talked about his childhood often, reminiscing on how difficult it was and how he was abandoned by his mother. He also talked about how he's from L.A., probably believing that that makes him seem cooler.(But his is not really from L.A.). He also described himself as a religious person. In other words, he did a lot of ego-building in his conversations with me. But the longer I knew him, the more I started to dislike him. For instance, he had a twisted perception on women's place in society, believing that they are designed to serve men. He was even a little perverse in his views towards women. He also would make up lots of stories for no particular reason, and most of them were very strange. At times he was very clingy, dependent, and generally weird. Sometimes, he would call me and force me stay on the phone with him for hours, asking me to read him 'bed-time stories.' He also liked cute, small things and kids. He moved really quickly, and even wanted to get married. I would try to reject his advances, but he was good at making me feel that I should like him more. But mostly he was very domineering. He would get angry easily and become very insulting and violent. I believe that he literally thought that I belonged to him, and didn't like that I could 'disobey' him.

He supposedly was very religious, but didn't seem to have much a conscience. For instance, he had no problem stealing, and would legitimize it in several ways. He was also promiscuous, or tried to be lol. He even stole a lot of money from me, and got extremely defensive when I finally tried to confront him about it. He also got into drugs and drinking and eventually got kicked out of school.

There were a lot of other things about him that were really weird, but I can't tell all of it. I have been researching a little on the characteristics of psychopaths, and believe he fits almost every description.


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  • I wouldn't call him a psychopath or sociopath...

    But he's definitely a walking piece of sh*t. Hope he changes his behavior.


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  • I don't know for sure, but maybe you could run it by a psychologist. Also, have you researched sociopaths as well?

    • Yea I've been reading a little bit about what makes a person a psycho. I tried to give details about my some of his oddities, his weird views on things, immoral behavior, and even his inconsistencies and poor judgement. I don't know, it's really hard to tell. You really have to study a person to find out if they really are a psychopath.

      I wish I could as a psychiatrist...they probably can give me really good feed back

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