Boyfriend broke up with me, what do I do?

He broke up with me last week. We've been dating 4 months now. Things were going well, he told me he loved me. We were having some problems the week he broke up with me but they were just minor; he came over to play video games with my sister and I and kept going on his phone. I texted him after he left saying he was quite occupied by his phone and he said he was texting friends from class asking what he missed because apparently he skipped class. The 2nd problem was; he has a lot of female friends. His bff is a female, they've been friends for 4 years. He says he's friends with a lot of females because he's feminine. He and I were hanging out at school and his phone kept going off and it was his bff who was asking him for advice because apparently she wants to have sex with her new boyfriend and her mom is strict. I told him he should've told her he's busy and he can talk to her later. I don't text people when I'm with him, I give him my full attention because I'm interested and care about him. I would give him the world. Then he breaks up with me over the phone last week, he knew I just got my period too, and it was the start of exam week. It was a terrible day. He told me that our personalities don't work together and that he's looking for an adventurous, outgoing person (which he said afterwards that I do have those traits...) but kept saying that its not going to work out long term apparently. I told him I wanted to work it out and hope that he'd give me a chance but he just kept telling me it's not going to work long term. It's been a week now since we've broken up and he hasn't texted me at all. I didn't hurt him. I loved him and listened to his problems when no one else would. I cared for him and would support his goals. The only problem with me was I was a bit too clingy and needy. I wanted him to text me a lot and he didn't, he did with his friends and that's why I was getting a little upset. But why would he break up with me after something so minor?


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  • Just because you thought things were good doesn't mean he did. The truth is he was never happy and wanted out for awhile. I also think he's found someone else. You didn't do anything wrong you just weren't compatible. Most relationships aren't successful. If they were wed all be married to the first we ever dated. This is over permanently and completely and you will not reconcile and ride off into the sunset together and live happily ever after nor will you remain friends even if he suggests or agrees to it. If he comes sniffing around telling you how you were the only one he ever really loved or how much he misses you and how he made a mistake don't fall for it. It's because he can't find someone else to fuck or his current relationship has soured. He'd only use you as a backup plan till he finds someone else. Never have anything to do with an ex. Block him and have no more communication of any kind forever

    • Yeah I agree. I've had thoughts of wanting to talk to him again and being so desperate as to be friends with benefits with him, but truth is he wasn't that good and I'm just wanting that because I feel alone. It just hurts when someone makes you believe that they're happy with you and you think they love you and then all of a sudden they just break up with you and stop talking to you. I was much worse to the guy I dated before (clingy-wise) and it seemed so minor to me so that's why I'm just taken by surprise at the break up. I'm not going to talk to him at all and I'm not going to go back to him because he broke my heart and I feel like I can never trust him again. It just really hurts to know that he would find someone else too. He told me that he thinks cheating is the worst thing ever, he's been cheated on before. He told me many times that he was very happy with me, he called me after work all the time to tell me about his day. He said I was the best in bed, do you really think he

    • It was lies telling you what you wanted to hear so you'd keep fucking him

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  • Maybe he was just not that into it anymore and thought it would be more considerate towards you to give you the oppurtunity to move on as quickly as possible.

    • That's true. Better than wasting my time right

  • You seem pretty controlling actually. his best friend needed his advice and so as a best friend he wanted to give it as soon as possible before it's too late, and if he skipped a class then he should be on his phone seeing what he missed. next boyfriend, don't try and control what he does. just talk to him about it and find the middle ground before the tension rises into fights and problems

    • I don't think I'm that controlling. I talked about my issues I had with him. But I never told him he shouldn't be friends with people or anything. I don't think a lot of girls would put up with a guy who's majority of friends are females. And it's not like as soon as he brought out his phone I told him off. I actually tolerated with it for a while and didn't say anything.

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    • Any advice as to how I could move on then? I'm feeling pretty down in the dumps like I'm not good enough or something now.

    • gotta find another guy or distract yourself with a hobby

  • you move on... put him in the past

    • Yup I should, thank you

    • u r welcome :)

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