How can I get my old life back?

I dated this man for 13 years. I find out he got some 20 year old girl pregnant. Mind you when I met him I had a boyfriend who wanted to marry me. But I dumped him for this clown. So now I'm miserable and I've made a big mistake. Oh and that's not half of it. I work with him. And he's girlfriend keeps bringing the baby up to the job. Her mother walked up to me an gave me the evil eye. I feel so betrayed and low. I'm 35 and I fear I'll be alone forever. Should I go find a job somewhere else? I'm sure m


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  • It is never too late. so keep that in mind. do not over think this. Realize after some time that is was the biggest blessing you could have ever received. So congratulations.
    That was gods way of saying prepare yourself for the person Who god himself has been preparing for you this entire time.
    Now that you know what you don't want or need in your life. and realizing left to your own devises you make poor decisions lol. Now let God make the rest of them for you.
    As people we make life harder on ourselves by thinking and making decisions with great ideas ignoring our gut and intuitions.
    There is nothing for you to do other than step out of the way of God's plan for you. stop forcing life to happen. Find yourself do what you live to do and focus on being just you and Have Faith that everything is going to work out effortlessly and easily as it was to go to the bathroom. You will get your intuitive signs just don't clutter them with better ideas.
    Your human we are all a bit retarded. We think we know better but will ignore the one that has being trying to guide us our entire lives. Don't look for a relationship just prepare yourself and believe your REAL MAN will cross your path effortlessly. Congrats again !

  • that Sounds like a big Problem i would Go find a job somewhere Else


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