Should I dump him because he blew me off?

Me and my ex hung out after breaking up a few days ago - we kissed and he was having an awful night because friends he has known for years have treated him like shit for months and ignored him all night - he sat alone in a bar all night before I came to see him and be his only real friend. We drove to where his friends were and he confronted them and even after I did everything for him all night & held him while he cried he left me to go hang out with them and probably get fucked up, even after they ignored him for months and that night as well. I don't know why he'd choose to see friends who disrespect him/blow him off daily and then take his only close friend, me, and leave. I feel offended and foolish for being so blindly loyal to someone who just left me after I took care of them anyway.

I know he felt somewhat bad for leaving but not bad enough to invite me with or do anything about it. He told me he loves me and said thank you many times, reiterating how much he appreciates me.

Do I have a right to be offended he left to go see his friends in the middle of the night when I'm the only real person in his life who really shows him love and doesn't outright ignore him? I'm thinking of cutting contact, since he obviously thinks his shitty friends are better than me.


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  • Did you think you could reconcile with an ex and ride off into the sunset together and live happily ever after? Lol smh! Did you think you could be friends with an ex? Roflmfao


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