What should I make of her actions?

So we fell out Saturday after we meant to be going slow. I've been with her for 3 years but she cheated on me and I was good enough to forgive her. But when I text her she just does not respond to anything for example this morning I sent this

Have a nice day..🌺 miss you lots 😔xx

I won't text all day everyday because I know it's annoying and I know you need to work.. can we fix this after things have calmed down please.. I don't want to lose you or us if we don't need to us all I ask then I can shut up.. are you coming home Friday? Only reason I ask is if not I could drive up? I love you and I'm sorry can we maybe fix this ❤️

What is the deal here? I mean I'm being fare right or ami missing something?


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What Girls Said 2

  • sorry i think you should cut your losses here. she doesn't reply to something like rat and has cheated twice, you are not her priority

  • Hows it going slow after 3 years?
    And depends what the fight was over.
    As the attitude saying 'you were good enough to forgive her' just makes it sound you feel entitled to things

    • Well she cheated on me twice and I forgave her so she ended it then proceeded to lay blame on me for her actions and decide she didn't want to be with me then came back then left then came back so she decided after 3 years she wanted to go slow I had no say in it

    • And the fight was over her not contacting for 48 hours not even to say she was ok when I asked not that I expect a text only I thought if someone asks are you ok it's common curtosity to reply.. thus leading to her telling me to F off and me saying fine you cheap slag lol

    • Well hun sorry to say that relationships long gone. As you keep taking her back when its obvious she doesn't know what she wants. And yeh she's not going to reply to spite you calling her a slag...

What Guys Said 1

  • That bitch doesn't deserve you bro she wants to end up with an abusive asshole and she will.


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