Is it stupid of girls to forgive their better half even after being hurt, embarrassed, humiliated and rejected many times?

This is nothing personal.
I've read in lots of books, where the girl gets neglected and humiliated and cheated on by the guy but in the end mostly the girl forgives and forgets.
in my opinion this thing... this particular idea portrays a wrong image for people in real life.

What are your opinions?
Please do share !!😊☺


Most Helpful Guy

  • Books are books, someone's fantasy, I do not advise to take them as guide for life, so it is a yes. Girls will just loose dignity this way.

    • most of us don't take it as a guide... but there are always that group of people who look to other things or people for guidance and this kinda thing takes them on the wrong path.. self destruction

    • Didn't mean against you, just said regarding the question. We agree on that it is destructive

Most Helpful Girl

  • Yes, if someone was hurting me or embarrassing me like that I would never be able to forgive them. It would just show I don't have much confidence in myself.

    • Exactly!!
      Especially if one is educated enough to stand on their own feet

    • Yes exactly! I never really looked at books in that sort of way before but you're right, it's not a realistic view of how normal healthy relationships should be.

    • Yep!!
      The stories should give a positive outlook instead of an abusive one!!

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What Guys Said 3

  • Well women feel love more than men usually. Y'all get way more attached from sex and women are more Mature earlier in life about finding a long term partner so if a women sees a man as a soul mate, she is much more forgiving because in her mind he is the best option she can find. Guys do the same shit though.

    • But even then there should be limit to it..
      One can't expect forgiveness all the time..

    • Yea that's where a a backbone comes into play

    • Some people are insecure, so when others demand forgiveness, the insecure people apologize for not forgiving sooner. It's a viscious cycle.

  • Yup. Tells me the person has extremely low self esteem and no confidence.

  • yes.


What Girls Said 1

  • It depends on the extent of it lol. Usually is stupid, though.


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