What happens to the people that you are forced to forget?

That's right, I'm talking about the people in your lives that have been in your life during your best, only to leave you during your worst. The people that used to fill your day with so many smiles but now aren't there anymore or worse, are in the arms of someone else.

Do you forget them? Do you remain in contact? Do you remain friends ? Do you try to be friends in the future?

I am in a dilemma. I miss my ex's company along with her friendship. We haven't spoken in 9 months ... and its still really tearing me apart inside. Should I write her ?

She's actually with someone else. She's living with him ...


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  • see, it happens to guys too - thanks for sharing lol :)

    i would be friends with a guy I liked, BUT. Only if was ABSOLUTELY sure that I did not expect to slide in the friendship door to the relationship entrance all...

    You gotta be brutally honest about thee things, t I do not agree with tossing people just because you wee attracted to them...

    People are people not relationship/sex machines, thinking its really shallow & selfish the ay people just dogmatically deny a friendship because they can't have it the way they want..its so self centered.

    people are a gift not a gift of sex...lose the sex keep the friend... WHY NOT

    that bullsh*t ting about ' a guy can hang out with his friends, he does not need more friends'

    no person on this earth male or female can replace any person ,whoever or whatever they r..that is one of the most unbelievably lame moronic comment & if sincere - outlook out there

    keep the friend.. IF you really liked her as a friend. She is the only peso like her you will never know ;)



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  • No. Don't talk to her at all.

  • If you contact her you won't be able to get over her, tempted to have sex, friends with benefits arrangment, you don't get over her, can't move onto new relationships, risk of just geting stuck in and ex relationship...


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