Meeting my ex.. next week?

so I broke up with my ex 4 months ago.. I still have feelings for him but he doesn't seem to have any !! we're in long distance relationship so we broke up on the phone actually.. next week I'm going to meet up with him.. but I really don't know what to say or what to do.. I don't want him to precive me as a desperate girl.. I really wish us meeting means new beginning.. I'm the one who asked to meet up.. but he quickly said yes and he doesn't mind it at all.. ! what should I talk about and what if he bring the conversation about the break up as If he's telling me that this is better for us or what ever !


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  • Talk about the good time you had together (not about the mistakes)

    • I don't wanna bring the whole breakup situation.. but what if he started talking about it !

    • Hold his hand. Tell him that you can discuss that later, not today.
      And treat the current phase NOT as breakup, and just as a phase where you are juat not talking to each other. A temporary phase.

    • aww I love this.. thank you very much

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  • I read the other response, so I know you're probably going to hate my response.

    Don't treat this as a temporary pause, it's a breakup. Treating it like a temporary pause instead of the breakup it is, that's being in denial. You'll never move on if you are in denial and hold out hope for him. Plus, when he moves on and has a long term relationship with someone else it'll hurt that much more.

    If you aren't ready to talk about it, let him know that you aren't ready if he brings it up. But you do need to deal with this problem eventually. You can't keep running away from it, don't be like an ostrich, burying your head in the sand to try to ignore reality. It's okay if you need time but eventually you do need to come back and deal with reality.

    • I'm really open to all opinions and I love your response!! I'm not living in denial he told me that he doesn't have feelings for me anymore which confused the hell out of me because he used to be that guy who he's love for me was out of this world.. and everyone was saying the same ! I'm confused because as I said we did it over the phone.. so I don't really know if we saw each other again is it possible to feel all the emotions that we lost since we moved away from each other! and I don't wanna bring the breakup situation because I don't wanna sound like a pathetic sad girl because I might cry and all that bad stuff!! and I really don't mind it at all if he told me let's get back together cause I still have feelings for him.. and I know I should move on.. im trying anyways.. maybe if I saw him this time I'll sort my feelings and be OK with it maybe this is the turning point / moving on period for me

    • I'm going to give you the advice I gave my friend after his ldr breakup and then he went to see her (they already had plans to meet up prior to the breakup to watch a competition).

      If you need to talk about it for closure or to help you move on, talk about it. If you aren't ready, then you aren't ready and that's okay, it will take time. Love can fade and can change, also love is sometimes not enough, it can be the right person but wrong time and place. It's unfortunate, but sometimes that happens. I mean, I can think of a quote that describes his love for you, โ€œThe flame that burns Twice as bright burns half as long." (Lao Tzu)

      However, I do think you should talk about it with him. It sounds like you need to know that it's over for sure, that there is no hope for you guys to get back together, in order to move on. Or you need to know that it isn't over between you guys and get back together. But it really sounds like, either way, either answer, is good for you.

    • I really appreciate your opinion and advice.. I think I should talk about it to know where am I standing.. for one final time !
      the quote is really on point ๐Ÿ˜• I just realised now that it's ture !

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