When do you break-up after already together for 2 years?

If you're thinking about marriage, and that idea with the current person just doesn't seem interesting, what do you do?

Can any relationship work if both people are willing to put the time in or are some just not worth fighting for? She has told me that she really values our relationship and thinks it could be one that lasts forever, but I'm starting to have my doubts and I'm afraid to bring them up because she's so committed to me.


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  • Depends on the type of person you are, 2 years is a lot of time/effort to have invested in someone. In all honesty she should respect you for being honest and not misleading her or "leading her on" .. It will be very hard for her, yes. However make sure if this is truly what you want & what will make you happy.. every relationship is different. but if she is the type to go off the deep end , I'd be careful. however if you can.. you could stay friends for a little while just to ease things for her.. let her know you are still there every now and then for emotional support. If she asks if its her or how she can change and whatnot just be respectful. Simply say, basically along the lines of what you said on your post here.. tell her its not easy for you to do this BUT it'll be worse on her and you, you in the long run.. if you continue the relationship feeling the way you do. Just be honest and respectful. be careful. good luck, I hope this helps. (FYI: this is just my personal perspective.. this may or may not be the best way to approach your specific situation, I'm just trying to help the best way I know how. REMEMBER- in the end.. this is YOUR life and YOUR decisions. at the end of everyday, you have to love with you choice, no matter good or bad. ) best wishes for ya.


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