Relationship problems.. very confusing?

if a girl loves u and is with u since 3yrs so is it gud that she leaves for the reason that we fight alot?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Yes, it's good for her because she realised this fight is gonna be happening forever and she can't deal with this forever , so she can have less drama in life.

    • hmm ok.. ty

    • Lol... No offence but they sound like cry babies! Fights are a reality and you need to accept them. You as well as her. Fights will happen because you are two different minds and both are not aligned to each other to think the same way. She never complained when there was too much out love. They why the complain when there is a tussel? Either make her strong enough to deal with the fights or else move on to a more realistic girl who can cope up with the reality called fights. This ain't a movie. This is real!

What Guys Said 1

  • It's not a good reason to leave. It's the reason that coward give to skip something. Like if mom has peas for dinner, I would say that I am not hungry and I don't wanna have it. Likewise... neither is is a good reason nor does she feels that there a strong bond between you two that is worth fighting for!


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