Anyone else have extreme trust issues due to there past?

I started liking this guy and be told me he was very into me but then this morning he told me he went live on this social app so got distracted and didn't respond to me.. yet, I'm just here thinking "His clearly gone live to find other girls" Argh, my past has caused me to have so many trust issues.


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  • every person is different everyone deserves the same chance as the first it's not fair to put good and bad apples together. it is scary I understand

    date when your ready to give your all cuz you might end up hurting someone and spreading the trust issues


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  • No , I'd never let anyone control my emotions that way. If I breakup up with a guy I cut all means of contact and move on from him.

    I'd never let a breakup define who I am. I'd also never let an ex prevent me from trusting another guy. That would be giving him too much control over my future happiness.


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  • This is normal if you had a terrible past. When you are subjected to such stuff. It needs a lot of time and open mindedness to heal this.
    All the best!

  • i have been betrayed many times. still i trust someone quickly

  • I just don't trust people. Screw that.


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