Ex-girlfriends graduation?

My ex and I broke up about a month ago (breakup was initiated by her) and I was wondering if texting her congrats for her graduation would make her uncomfortable. We didn't have a bad relationship or a bad breakup (we were just on two different paths in life), but, we haven't talked since the breakup.

I've moved on and it's not an attempt to win her back. I've just always wanted her to succeed and loved seeing her do so.

I don't even know why I'm asking. I've considered the fact that she might not respond or she will respond with, "who is this?" as she may have deleted my number. The thought of either does not bother me. I'm asking more for her sake. I know she has moved on, but, I don't want to cause her anymore stress as she is losing a lot of friends when she moves away from college and knowing her, she is going to be very emotional for the next week or two.

I'm probably making this a bigger ordeal than it needs to be, but, I don't want to come off as creepy. It would be nothing more than, "Congrats on your graduation!".
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  • just leave the girl alone bud, she left you for a reason

    • that is also true.

    • That's weird. I think my paranoia is acting up because my ex used to call me bud when she was upset. You aren't my ex are you? lolol

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  • do send a congratulations message. avoid using emoticons and keep it straight to the point.

    if she asks anything, tell her exactly what you told us: you don't think the relationship ended on such a bad note that you cannot congratulate her on something you wished her to succeed. you were also friends right?

    • Yeah we were friends. We had a good relationship but like I said, we broke up because of our situation. She was on a path that I couldn't follow and we would have broken up later anyways so she thought what was the point of continuing it if we were just going to be away from each other (basically if we kept dating we would only have time to see each other once every two or three months, at a minimum). If we were on the same path, I can almost assure that we would still be together.

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    • I don't plan on continuing the conversation. All I expect, if she does respond, is a thank you. If she were to ask me, how are things in my life, I probably wouldn't respond.

    • then here you have it. your answer.

      don't think of other reasons. as you said, the relationship would have ended eventually right? the reason is an add-on.

      if you know the time of death and the fact that you'll die shot, do you REALLY need to know what weapon? 😂

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  • go for it. it's jus a simple congrats it's not like your gonna really bother her. n if she's losing friends and gonna be sad a simple congrats from you might help a bit. even tho you broke up you were still together at one point and cared for each other n that will kinda always be there maybe not as much but a little bit.

  • Don't text her

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    • I can't open your link

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    • what the hell? Did you copy that from the article? There was no cheating, abuse, etc. We are just on two different paths. Sure, we had some issues but they weren't the type you break up over. And I care about my ex. Call me naïve but I do. I have no intention of getting back with her nor am I dwelling on why she broke up with me like I am some weak fool crying in the corner. I've moved on but that doesn't stop me from caring about her.
      I'm all for moving on after a break up but if you're moving on immediately after a breakup, you're either lying to yourself or you've never actually cared for anyone else but yourself. I see your age so either you've never been in a relationship or you were married and went through a bad divorce. Keep your "don't give a shit about people" attitude to yourself.
      If what you posted was from the article, disregard everything I just said.

    • ok.. well good luck then.

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