How to get rid of a guy's emotional baggage which I caused?

Ive been dating this guy for at least a year and then we broke up because I have feelings for his friend. I never wanted it happen though I just started to feel a attraction to him even though he isn't that nice and tried to break me and my ex up when we were together.I feel so bad for feeling this way I know I shouldn't of talked to his friend so much. I just wanna make things right now. So I think I should try make it work with my ex again and get over this guy . Its hard though because I really like him ,and a part of me doesn't wanna get over him...but it just feels so wrong cos its my exs friend and I've really hurt my ex. If I even mention his name he gets really sad and angry because he loves me so much and was there for me through so much. Its not that I don't like him its more that I don't feel a connection with him anymore cos all he ever does is get clingy and emotional.When I say how I feel he just gets so depressed so I have to keep it inside cos I still care for him and like him. I use to be like that to and I've hurt him by falling for his friend so I feel like I must be with him and make it all better and stop myself from wanting his friend. But I just don't know how? How do I get over the friend and help my ex to be himself again and not be so worried.


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  • time and effort...make good memories and let them naturally wipe out the old bad memories...distraction and misdirection...communicate it, act it, and make him think it


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