He won't let me break up. What do I do?

So me and this guy have been in a relationship for a year and a half. It's a long distance relationship. Not a good one either. Yeah we have some things in common but all he really cares about is sex. Everytime I want to talk about something serious, like my school work or a job, he quickly changes it to sex.
I never feel like I'm important enough for him. Lately we have gotten into maybe three arguments over this and two arguments over what he wants for our future. All he says is you. Never actually thinks about it. Because he always answers with you like a second after I ask. Which I mean is okay but also not okay. And he never actually tells me what he wants exactly. Like maybe marriage or a family. A small house or something. I get nothing but you.
And I have tried to break it off a few times now but he always guilt's me. Saying that things will change soon. And one thing he wants me to do is leave my state to go to his. He is far away from his parents and doesn't seem to care about them. I actually care about mine and want to stay here. He travels and is looking for somewhere to live and I told him to come here. His excuse was "It's to expensive".
I want out of this relationship. How do I do it?
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So he managed to use a few accounts he had to contact me. Called me inconsiderate and impatient. And then said if I blocked him again that he would be depressed and start cutting. I got a little mad and may have cussed him out for it. Then blocked him again. I'm done dating for a long time.
+1 y
I just realized how stupid that was lol. "He won't let me break up." But anyways he found my email account and tried to message me again hours ago but I just ignored him. Nothing since thank God for that. Anyways I am now finally free from him. Thanks everyone.
He won't let me break up. What do I do?
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