What's the deal with my ex contacting me again?

I told him I can't see him if we're not together because it will just get us nowhere. We both had a mutual break up, mainly because he made no effort & is quite selfish.

2 months ago he text me that he hopes I'm ok. I said I was & I hope he's ok too. A few days later he says I look nice in my pic. Then a couple of days ago he said "hey hope you're well x" and I said I was ok and asked how things are with him & he replies that he's very well & he's glad that I'm ok and put a smiley face. I said I'm glad things are good.

We broke up a year ago (seeing each other after that a few times). So what's his deal? He hasn't been in another relationship since. He's 33 & likes his own company so is a bit of a loner.

Does he still want a hold on me as an ego thing? He still wanted to be affectionate & everything after we broke up.
He doesn't know if I'm seeing anyone


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  • He still wants something from you. You haven't talked enough about your previous relationship (before splitting) to know if he actually wants you back. But this is one of two things: manipulation for his own gain, or a genuine attempt to get you back. Either way, if the reasons for you two splitting are still present, my advice would simply be not to respond. If he's anything like me, he wouldn't let on to what he really wants even if you asked him straight up.

    • But if he really wanted me back or wanted to meet up and didn't say, then how am I supposed to know how he feels. That means he'd rather I have a new boyfriend than have his pride hurt. If he wanted to talk he could carry on the conversation but he doesn't.

    • He probably doesn't fully know what he wants himself. It would explain the stop-and-go messages

    • If you don't want him back you could tell him you have been seeing some and see how he responds. If you don't want him back you could ask him for coffee and see what comes of it. If your not sure if you want him back don't say anything and see if he pursues you

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  • Either he has found peace with the break up and still wants you in his life as a friend. Or he is just realizing what he lost and is making a play to try and win you back. You won't know unless you ask some prying questions

  • Option a) He is bored
    Option b) He wants sex or attention
    Option c) He wants you back


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