What's the deal with my ex contacting me again?

I told him I can't see him if we're not together because it will just get us nowhere. We both had a mutual break up, mainly because he made no effort & is quite selfish.

2 months ago he text me that he hopes I'm ok. I said I was & I hope he's ok too. A few days later he says I look nice in my pic. Then a couple of days ago he said "hey hope you're well x" and I said I was ok and asked how things are with him & he replies that he's very well & he's glad that I'm ok and put a smiley face. I said I'm glad things are good.

We broke up a year ago (seeing each other after that a few times). So what's his deal? He hasn't been in another relationship since. He's 33 & likes his own company so is a bit of a loner.

Does he still want a hold on me as an ego thing? He still wanted to be affectionate & everything after we broke up.
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He doesn't know if I'm seeing anyone
What's the deal with my ex contacting me again?
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