How do I forget someone who gave me so much to remember?


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  • What I found helpful when I broke up with someone is returning to places I was happy before I met them to remind myself I was once happy without knowing them and will be again

    • The thing is I spent almost 2 years with this guy that him and I visited The majority of my favourite places and thats when they became even more special to me but thank you for your answer hun

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    • Then the only thing I can say is it will take time. My ex wife left me suddenly and I never wanted it to end. It was terrible for the first month and a half but slowly it got better

    • I'm sorry to hear that
      I'm sure I should just give it time

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  • You honestly don't, you'll always have them in the back of your mind. The trick is you find something that will give you even MORE better memories so that you push the memories of the other in the back and then after awhile it doesn't hurt anymore or as much as it did.

    • there's literally no better memory then what I shared with him... he was literally my everything. I miss him and he can only make me the happiest

    • That's not true. I understand what your going through, everyone feels this way when they lose someone. You can't just give up though, you have to move on and soon in time you'll find something or someone that will make you happy again. Just give yourself some time. Exercise, hang out with friends, watch your favorite movies, all will make you feel a bit better and make you look great!

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  • You have to know if you want to move on for sure. If you do then you just get rid of all pictures, gifts, items, things that remind you of him. Block his number, avoid any type of contact, even social media and go on full no contact.
    Then let time do the rest. And just focus on your life, family and goals.

  • forgetting won't help make peace with the memory even if it hurts you you can't take it back but learn from the experience and be glad you had it because it helpt you grow and become stronger

  • I try to always think of the motto "don't be sad it's over be glad it happened"


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  • You don't have to. You can just learn to accept that they're gone and move forward. It takes time


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