Is my ex boyfriend over me?

We broke up a month ago. First he called me for a few weeks, but now he doesn't anymore. He never texted me after we broke up. After our break up it was my birthday, he did not say anything. But the weird part is that he still has a picture on whatsapp that I made for him.

Did he forget about me?


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  • Picture on whatsapp does not mean anything. Some people do not change whatsapp profile pic for more than a year. I do not know if he has forgotten about you, but looks like he is ready to move on. So should you.

    • But why would he have a picture what keeps reminding him of me?

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    • Thank you

    • Hope it was helpful.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Most likely he's trying to get over you or he is- even if so isn't that kind of the point of it when you break up with someone?

    • Yeah it is, but I still miss him.

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