Girls, Girl who works at supermarket always looking at me?

Girl who works at supermarket always looks me up and down followed by a slight smile and she would always tell me her nightly plans etc when I never asked Then I tell her colleague I think she's hot and that I was asking who she is but she didn't know cuz she's new. I said I'll find out myself when I'm next in. So when I went in she seemed energetic and happy etc smiling and colleague kept looking at me and smiling. So I left it for a few weeks. Then went to her checkout and she was saying she was going on a night down town and she only has 30 mins to get ready I said do you live far and she assumed I was asking if she wanted a lift and said her mum is waiting outside so I said have a good night and she went. 3 weeks later I went to her checkout and we was joking about her getting an electric shock etc. But then I was talking to my friend and he confirmed who she was and I accidentally liked her picture on Facebook which I disliked. So anyway I avoided her checkout for a few months and she would stare me down if I was at a different checkout, look me up and down when I'm shopping, go quiet, look at me like she's trying to figure me out. At times I seen her serving others looking to see we're I am at the store then looking at me n looking down like she's sad. So kind of confused I know I avoided her checkout n stopped chatting only cuz she has tons of guys who chat her up so o didn't want to be another one. how come she always looking to see we're I am n trying to suss me out etc?


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  • She's trying to show you that because you keep on like avoiding her, that she was sad. This girl obviously likes you and she tells you her plans hoping that you would tag along. But yeah, by you avoiding her she is probably feeling really insecure and let down because in my guess, I think that she liked you before and saw that you were avoiding her so she's sad about it because like I said, she likes you. With the whole 'looking for you' thing, she's probably trying to see if you are as well, looking for her, she's probably trying to figure why you were wvoiding her for such a long time then randomly starting to flirt with her. That's just my guess, good luck with her!

  • I think it's because she may have liked you also then you started avoiding her she is probably confused as to why next time go through her check out she may make a joke or ask why you haven't been to her one. It sounds like she may have been mentioning that she is going out so you could ask to meet her maybe. And her workmate may have told her that you were going to ask her which is why she would have been so happy but then you didn't. I think just ask her for her number at least that way you will know for sure. I'm not sure if facebook shows that someone liked your picture if they take it back, they shouldn't let people who aren't you're friends click like or comment I've almost done the same thing before it's annoying.

    • Why would. She not smile then like before , she always looks at me then looks away sad, then looks like she's trying to figure me out , then I notice she looking around to see we're I am when she finally sees me she looks down again sad.

    • Probably because you have been avoiding her so she thinks you don't want to talk to her anymore which would make her sad, if she is looking where you are chances are she likes you. Act how you did before I'm sure she will smile again or ask her for her number :-) don't stress to much on the facebook thing.

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