Had a miscarriage last week and boyfriend split with me yesterday, advice please?

Hi I'd been with my boyfriend 15 months, we planned for a baby. I got caught straightaway but unfortunately last week miscarried. My partner was upset but we said we would get back on our feet and try again in the future. Since then he has been hot and cold, one minute telling me he's there, and then saying it's over as he doesn't see the opportunity arising again for another baby as I'm 40. I don't see this as an issue. I feel he's putting having. Child before wanting to keep me in his life, we both have children already from other relationships.
He then ended it with me, just plucking things out of thin air to disagree with me. I went to see him to talk and he said go away and then told me he didn't love me anymore, this man was holding my hand only five days ago telling me everything will be ok and that we can focus on each other. I went home upset, I don't believe he doesn't love me anymore. He text to say don't contact me anymore so I haven't, as heartbreaking as it is I can't chase him. I've done that already. I'm feeling so low that I lost baby and him in less than a week.
Yesterday out the blue he texts me to wish my daughter a happy birthday. I haven't responded. From a male point of view is that just his guilt, or he's trying to show respect for walking out my children's lives or is it a message hoping I'll respond so he can converse with me?
I don't know what to do but leave him to it. He's now set up a dating profile so I guess this man means business. Any thoughts really appreciate it?
also he suffers with anxiety and depression so our relationship has been a rollercoaster due to this
Had a miscarriage last week and boyfriend split with me yesterday, advice please?
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