Ex said he respected me after the breakup and asked to still be friends?

as the title states,
i don't understand the meaning behind what he said, his exact words are "i respected you a lot, and i hope we can still be friends, i can't lose you as a friend"
what does he mean by that?


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  • he cares about you, he didn't want to loose you, even if he is not your boyfriend he just want to be close with you, because he has still feeling for you, whether it is loving, or caring.


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  • I am going through the exact same situation. It means he still loves you but not enough to be boyfriend / girlfriend, but he loves you as a friend.

    • that'skind of greedy of him, isn't it? i don't think it's a possibility

    • Yeah I agree with you, I don't belive friendship is possible after a break up

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  • i agree with anonymous. he loves you, but not to the point to being bf/gf. it may be he wants to have sex every now & then also... but either way, he is not vibing you as a girlfriend

    • probably more of thd physical relationships then.. although we never actually have sex, he wanted to wait till he's over 21

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    • god loving... so what would waiting til 21 have to do with it... out of wedlock is out of wedlock regardless of age.

    • i dont really know.. it is weird haha

  • It is simple really, even if you broke up, he doesn't want to lose contact with you, he still wants to stay as friends.


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