Cheating question?

How can you get over someone cheating on you that you've been together for well over 2 years?

It happened in February, but still how can you forgive and move on?


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  • Hard to do. It takes faith in the other person to forgive them. If you truly believe that it can work then you can forgive -- but forgetting will be difficult. Time heals wounds and it will take a lot of honesty on his part and faith on yours.


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  • cheating isn't cheating. I hate that word.

    he found another that turned him on. it's ego that makes us all crazy.


    lets get modern with our species already!

    • That doesn't help and it also makes me feel worse.

  • This is really hard to do. It can take a long time. You got to figure out if being with this person is worth it. ( if your still with them now). If he was drunk, sometimes you have no logic. It's not a excuse, but I know people who do stupid sh*t when their like this. They have to be willing to make amends too if they are sorry and want to make it work too. You just have to focus on your own self healing. Maybe you can see a cousellor and talk to them. Hope this helps

    • He wasn't drunk. he was sober and it was with his ex. we got into a fight because I didn't want him going over to her house and just when he was about to tell her that he wasn't going to come over, I called him up yelling at him which made him go over... and well him being p*ssed off at me usually he doesn't realize what he is doing.

    • Well, in my opinion. I wouldn't be back with him. He should respect you. You yelling at him has nothing to do with him going there. Regardless, he would of gone anyways. It sounds to me he's not even worth it. He doesn't sound committed to you and this relationship. Sorry, to be sound so blunt. You need to take care of yourself and not get hurt anymore.

    • Well thank you for your opinion =) and I would rather have people be blunt like that

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