Is he Most likely to leave me?

I asked this once but didn't get enough answers...
We've been together for 2 years. I'm 18 he's 20. Our relationship has been going pretty well and we're happy together we both love eachother very much. A month ago he asked me if I would move TO Minnesota (his mom lives there ) with him because the Bay Area is very expensive and I said yes I'd miss my family but yes. I spoke to my mom and she said she help me out with school so she was okay with it. Anyways 2 days ago I was with my boyfriend and he s started crying and said " I love you so so much but I don't know if I wanna go to Minnesota anymore.. I don't know if I want to be in a relationship. I don't know what I want to do I'm really confused at the moment.. this has nothing to do with you because I love you so so much and you make me so so happy I just don't know if I'm good in relationship Ik that if I were to want one it would be with you because I sincerely do love you so much but I don't know I'm just very confused right now " & I was just so crushed with that & said " Ik your very confused and I understand and I'll understand when you make your decision but why do you have to make yourself and I miserable by leaving me you say you love me so much and it's hard for you to leave so then why do it? Why does it have to be now.. why can't it be when you fall out of love with me? & we don't have to go to Minnesota my dad can give you a job and you'd be able to stay.. " he then said " I'm willing to stay with you because I just love you so so much but if it were for any other girl I would not. I don't want to loose you but I haven't made up my decision yet and it's really hard for me to even think of leaving you but I'm really confused and I'm still not sure if I want to go or not " were suppose to leave Minnesota in 3 months.. I'm really confused on what's going to happen can anyone give me any advice


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  • it's a big step. If he had the guts to open up about Everything from leaving to leaving YOU, he made himself vulnerable to you.

    but don't let him on his own with this, if he went to you it means we wants you to be part of his decision making.

    help him weight the pros and cons all over again, from zero.

  • Hey I'd just give him some space dude. Good luck. 😊

  • It happens. He is getting into the real world of professionalism and does not know what's waiting for him in future. The outburst was perhaps because of some discussions he had with his family members.

    I guess, you need him to settle. down mentally, hr is overstretched (mentally) right now and need somebody to guide him through his career path.


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