Is it a compliment or not when your ex comes back after a few months of not talking and says he didn't find anyone better than you?

I mean think about it. Yes it's nice he realized I was great but then I think okay so he let me go didn't talk to me for over three months and was looking for someone better, so that means if he did find someone better he'd have never talked to me again? I don't know. But then I think sometimes it takes seeing the grass isn't greener to appreciate what you have? Thoughts? We dated 3 years...


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  • LOL
    That is not a compliment. He's basically saying he hasn't found anyone better so I'm settling with you again. Trust me. If you take him back, he will leave you just as quick.

  • Kinda a backhanded comment. Like he couldnt find someone so he's back...


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