Why it's difficult to "move on" for guys as compared to girls?


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  • I personally think that it is harder for girls to move on. Also it does depend on who dumped who.


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  • Because women don't truly feel anything for men, other than thugs. The majority of men, the only thing she misses is the utility she got from him. But there are plenty of simps out there just waiting to be used for whatever they can provide for her, so the previous host is forgotten before she's even put her shoes on.


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  • because us guys think with out dick sometimes

  • because the average joe focuses on one girl and never tries to know whetherhe has options or not.

    while , the average girl already has many options than she could handle.

    • and no matter how many times i tell guys , they don't listen to me.

      there is no such thing as" the perfect one". girls already know this but guys? geez they never learn.😒

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