Will I get back together with my ex?

So, I was dating this guy for two years and we shared a really really good relationship, we were generally very happy but my personal insecurity kind of ruined things towards the end, because I ended up making a lot of unnecessary fuss about a little subjects (now, looking back, I totally understand it, but before it seemed all very important - it was not). On the start of this month, he broke up with me, and told me it was because he thought he wasn't helping me, considering i ended up clinging myself too much to him and forgot myself (which i admit to be true). He also told me he was going to be really busy (end of university semestre, etc) and it wasn't fair for any of us not to spend the necessary time together. He also needed some time to himself and he didn't break up because of a third person. He told me he still likes me a lot, but the passion faded, because of all those unnecessary conflicts i created many times. He told me he wants to keep being my friend and he cares about me, so we talk every day (he is the one who iniciates the conversations - because i want to give him space) and i want to be his friend too but i wanna be more than friends, i wanna rekindle our passion because after these days apart i've learnt what mistakes i was making and i know i won't repeat them, i know i would go back to be the person he fell in love with.

Do you think its possible to get him back? Why does he want to talk to me everyday after all of this? Does he really just wants to know if i'm ok or could it be more than that? I feel like i should try to get him back, because our love was so intense i don't believe it died, but am i being delusional?
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Also: when we talked about the break-up, i asked him if it was possible to make him feel the way he felt before about me, and he said yes, but it shouldn't be the main thing for me to concentrate on right now.
PS: our relationship had a weird start: he wanted almost two years for me because i didn't feel ready. Should I wait now too?
Will I get back together with my ex?
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