Am I wasting my time with him?

Before when we barely started talking he'd make me feel very special, like I was his only love and no one else mattered. Now he's kind of on and off.. Just last week he was telling me how happy I make him and he can't stand not talking to me, and how much he loves me. This week he talks to me with one word sentences (yeah, sure, how, cool) I tried texting him and he left me on seen and posted several things on Snapchat.. does he even care? Should I end it?

This is not his first time doing this to me.


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  • in my opinion he cares. he just might going through some tough stuff. its happening to me rn. she says i seem cold but she means the world to me

    • short answer, but probably the one I was waiting to hear 🤧

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  • What he is doing, is immature. If he was feeling some type of way about the relationship, he could just say it like a grown man.

    You're not only wasting your time on him, but you'd be wasting your breath saying anything to him at this point. It's clear that he doesn't care. So, walk away from him, and let him figure out what he lost on his own.

    It's time to gain some respect and value for yourself. The fact that he has done this to you before and you're still with him, shows him that he can walk all over you and treat you however he pleases. What you allow, will continue.

    • The thing is, he really makes me happy when he's not ignoring me, I'm convinced he's the only person who actually shows he cares (that is when he does show it) I kind of want to ask him if he's not talking to me for a reason, but I'm scared I'll upset him.

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    • I just love him so much, it hurts to know he doesn't care so I guess I try believe that he somehow does. No one has really showed me affection. I can't be very picky with guys, no one finds me attractive enough..

    • The reason why you are so accepting of the "care" that you claim he's showing you, is because you aren't putting yourself first, and you don't seem to care much about yourself. If you don't love yourself, it's going to be hard for you to love anyone else, and it'll be especially hard for anyone to love you.

      You have become dependent on him emotionally, and that's not right. Talking down on yourself, saying you aren't attractive enough to find someone else is what makes someone unattractive. I'm sure you're a beautiful woman, but you have to work your inner self. Strengthen your mind, value yourself. Without value, you are worth nothing, and those who portray themselves as "cheap" and "unwanted" will only attract the worst type of men (such as him).

      Men like him are going to study a woman and find the first insecurity she has, and then make her think that by being with him you'll gain that security that you're missing. This is why women become attached to men like that. It's a game.

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  • Maybe he's having a harder time related with work, or stressing because other stuff. Do you know if its that?

    • He does say he hates work and when I try to make it better he does the same thing, ignores me.

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    • OH ! he needs to eat better... no wonder is not into anything...
      Well, i think that leaving him will not help no one, you lose the person you love, and he may end worse, i suppose. I say this because a couple sooner or later seem to have dark times... so... you are no immune to them in the future with other person.

      Would be great if you could think about something thats actually realistic to helo you both.
      If he hates his job... do you think you 2 could create your own business?

    • Well, the job he so dearly hates is being in the military, he can't just leave whenever, if he could I'm sure he would've been done a while ago. It could also be that he's so far away from home, but I don't really know

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  • this is exactly what I had with the guy I like :( I guess we'll just have to wait for him to maybe... someday... magically... text you again... or we can just let go and move on but yes thats the hardest part and I myself still rooting over why he ignores me

    • I wish he would tell me if something is wrong, or if he wasn't interested in me just tell me. It's hard to feel like he loves me one day and then is over the next. It makes me feel like I'm not the only girl in his life 😕

    • in my case, I know i'm not the only 1 :) and yes we hope the same thing but guys can be confusing too. He would ignore me not only when texting but also in person but still there on my fb liking my picts, etc. so it feels like he knows i like him so he still holding on me in case he got lonely. i dont know what to do either but moving on needs time, just take your time. thats all i can say

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