Is this stupid or what?

Tonights fight was about me asking him a simple question. I asked him if he wanted me to leave him alone and he replied, "yep" and here's the reason why. I asked the same exact question on Wednesday and he didn't answer me, he texted me back, "what" he told me that he said, "no" but I never received that text. We still talked a little Wednesday morning and by Wednesday afternoon he wanted to have phone sex in which we did. He told me to text him afterwards and I did, then he stopped replying. He said that because of us still talking afterwards I should've known that he didn't want me to leave him alone. I sent him a pic Thursday and not even a comment on my pic. By Friday I sent him 2 text before his first reply and another 3 and a video after his 2nd. Here's the problem... here lately (especially this last week) when I've been texting him first I feel as if he's busy or he doesn't want to talk at the moment hence why I asked what I did on Wednesday.

The reason I asked again today was because he never replied back to the text I sent him yesterday and a vid that I made him today. I have texted him around the hours that we use to text and here lately we'll go back and forth then all of a sudden he won't text back until hours later or not at all. So that's when I felt that he was busy or I was bothering him. I don't want to keep texting someone who may be busy or doesn't want to talk. Now, just because I obviously didn't get the "memo" on Wednesday he's done with me. I texted him back saying that there was a communication error and how completely stupid a ridiculous this fight is.


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  • Well good for you, trying to save a relationship you care for but in this case it's best if you make sure to be ready for tbe worst

    • He told me to leave him alone because I asked a question. He gets uoset over the dumbest things.

  • I'm too lazy to read the whole thing. 😅


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