It's been 5+ months, but it still hurts deep. What does it mean?

My ex broke up with me around Christmas time. We were long distance for 3 years. I have drowned myself in work, became vice president of my school's International Students club, hang out with friends, entered a Japanese speech contest and got 3rd place I failed a speech that I was forced to give to the entire school, when I was in 5th grade. Last minute and unprepared I embarrassed myself, the laughter and shame shackled me my confidence ever since. This was such a big deal for me, yet I feel so empty inside. Everyday gets worse, I look at other girls and it just doesn't feel right. I have heard it all before about moving on, just work on yourself, go date other girls.

If I can't let go because my very being won't let me, what does it mean that I overcame my fears, gained new skills and got a better job that it does not feel meaningful?

It feels like my heart is being crushed. My body just feel so heavy every day. it just gets worse.


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  • Same here. Only difference is it lasted 2 years. I finished college, got a scholarship from another university, got a nice job and i'm set to move to another country. All things i only dreamed of and told my ex. Now that we are not together i feel empty. It's been 3 months and i still feel like crap. My best advice? Keep yourself busy, keep achieving, it will only add to you in the long run even if you don't feel it now.


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  • There is no fixed amount of time on grieving, which is effectively what you are going through. It can take longer than 5 months. You have to stay the course and it's important that you realise it will get better. It may be a marathon but there is a finish line. There will be a time when this doesn't hurt anymore and when you are ready to see other girls for themselves rather than as a comparison to your ex.

    Nobody said it would be easy.


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