Bipolar males please help?

i've been talking to this guy i really like for a year now. we're not official. we've gotten into fights and last he stopped talking to me and has been a dick. he randomly sent me this text (attached) one day. after this i said thank you i wasn't sure what he was asking from me. he made plans to see me Saturday at my bonfire. he told me all day he was going then stopped texting me. i texted him later that night and said "you always ditch me" he said "sorry i'd rather just chill me and you like the old days" he never wants to hangout with me or says he is and doesn't. he didn't come and i was devastated. then i got emotional and texting him a paragraph ask what the hell he wants and told my standards. he read the message and ignored me. what does this mean? what do i do? and should i give him another chance just me and him or would he or just went to the fire if he really liked me. but why does he do this? how do i reactbipolar males please help?bipolar males please help?


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  • He's leading you on. He might not even realize it but that hot and cold, wishy washy thing he's doing is very selfish. It's 1 thing for him to not be sure about his feelings and tell you he needs time to figure it out but he still wants to see you, but it's a whole other thing for him to tell you he has deep feelings for you and then turn around and say horrendous things in a fit of rage or for him to make plans and then not show up or respond to you reaching out (because he just ditched you without a word). He's playing games with your emotions and all you can do at this point is decide whether you want to put up with his disrespect or not. You've reached out to him and bared your heart to him and he ignored you, the next step is yours.

  • Drop him. He doesn't seem to care about you or what you want. He only cares about himself and is leading you on.


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