Religious Relationship issue?

i had a relationship with someone who wasn't of my religion so after 1 year i had to leave him bcs my family was never gonna say yes... nd after i left him i still wanted to talk to him.. nd when i did he was so rude.. plus his frnds scolded me blamed me for it.. nd told me tht if i didn't text him gave him tym he might text me.. im waiting since months but he hvnt texted even once.. so will he? should i?


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  • Unless he sees your opinion specifically about what caused you to break up change, he probably won't text you.

    • he knows the reason for it.. he agreed on it too at that tym

    • But have you changed your mind about the significance of religion in your relationship?

    • the problem im facing is i left him for my fmily nd his future happiness but i saw him move on too quick nd telling me to stay away from him.. i never thought bout wht i will feel like befr brkup so yea problem is i keep blaming myself nd i can't move on anymore

  • You gave him the pink slip under family influence, because of his opinions.
    I hope he found a better girl.


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