Girls, do you ever mess with your ex's on social media?

I might just be overthinking and I usually am but it seems like my ex is messing with me. Everytime I post anything on social media with my friends, my ex does the same at least half a day to a day later, everytime. She regularly posts to social media but it seems more frequent when I post anything with my friends.

I know I should've just unfriended/unfollowed her on social media.
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  • We don't, thanks for the great times but you're an ex now, we have better things to do. You are no longer important in my life, you do not factor into my life or decisions I make anymore. You might think we're messing with you but honestly that's probably the same thing as the, I think everyone's looking at me when really no one is, it's likely just a result of you being the main character of your life story, but remember you're only a supporting character in ours.

    Don't forget, you can still unfriend/unfollow her on social media, it's not too late.

    • I did already

    • That's good. Don't wonder if she's messing with you, she very likely isn't, and if she is then that's just sad.

  • no I don't


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