Why does the world keep kicking me in the balls?

I met this girl, who was literally perfect. Perfect height, gorgeous face, skinny, maaassssivvee ass, beautiful eyes, same religion as me, good heritage, super smart and talented. Literally this girl was like a fantasy to me. I basically asked her out with a rose, it was pretty smooth if I don't say so myself, we got along great, we went out a few times and she was constantly texting me. She had some anxiety and stuff and I thought there were some other off things, but it wasn't that big of a deal, but we were having a really hard time getting together. Turns out, she had been talking to me behind her parents' back, who are very protective of her because she had some shitty boyfriends in the past, and long story short I had to put it on "hiatus", probably permanently. I though that I was over her but I saw her at church this morning and we smiled at each other and my heart melted. Why the fuck does happen to me
I just figured I should add this, I tried asking her about meeting her parents, but she said they "don't want her around boys" at all, so I can't even get that far. Which is frustrating because I'm polite enough to the point my friends make fun of me for it so I have little doubt that they would like me.


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  • It's her bad relationships experience from her past that's keeping her away from you. Just make sure you don't be like anything her previous boyfriends were, as a friend try meeting her parents from time to time.

    by the way, just saying, a girl with a "maaassssivvee ass" is not perfect. She'sā€‹ a Kim Kardashian or even worse, a Nicki Minaj!!! šŸ˜ØšŸ˜Ø

    • lol Not that big, that is gross. But it's full and toned. it helps that she is skinny too.

    • Yeah I was just joking. :P

      About your update, that sucks man! I think you should meet her parents "accidentally" and impress them or keep meeting the girl behind their backs. šŸ˜

    • Haha Thanks for the advice man, I will try my best!

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  • Keep working on it, and impress the parents if you can.


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