In online relationships that turn serious, how does one party just drop the other?

The breakup was mutual. Kind of. (She told me she didn't love me anymore). She was interested in someone else. We had agreed on being able to stay friends before and during the relationship but once it was over she just became so distant. how can you completely dissolve someone that important to you from your life?


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  • Did she have feelings for someone else in real life or online?
    It's possible that she didn't feel the same personal connection that you did due to it being only online. Some people subconsciously make a distinction between and separate their online life to their real life. Because some don't interpret the online world to be as real as their offline world, it's easier to suddenly become impersonal and move on.

    • Possible. we called and Skyped daily, but the personal connection was lacking

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    • I'm too much of a romantic so when i fall for someone, it's hard for me to move on because I love every part of them

    • Well your future lady will be very lucky

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  • Start by deleting everything that reminds you of her and delete her in every social media or app you have of her. Problem solved and only time will really help you forget


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