Will men ever realise they have lost out on a girl who was down for them?

My ex and I were due to marry in 3months. In all honesty, I wasn't happy but I didn't hav the courage to call it off myself. We were together for only 8 months & it was a long distance relationship. I'd say our good times lasted the first 3months. I wanted more time in getting to know him but he was adamant on marrying asap & settling down. I agreed. As time went, I realised he had no respect for me, arguments became frequent & he resorted 2 calling me derogatory names each time. Names included "retard", "imbecile." I explained how I felt but he would say "I hav to call u names because I can't hit a girl; Name calling isn't personal 2 me; ur over sensitive." On many occasions, he'd demand a break away from me. He even used to check out other girls in front of me. He wanted me 2 become more modest with my clothing even though I don't wear revealing clothes. The last few weeks of our break up became really bad. I put him first in absolutely everything, gave him so much, recreated his CV, made lots of effort to go see him. He was so ungrateful. During this time I was realising he wasn't ready 4 commitment as his decisions didn't consider me. I wasn't going 2 get a proper honeymoon bcoz of his messy finances but he was goin abroad for a stag. We decided a break for 2 wks and 2 days in I created an Instagram a/c. I went to follow him, I saw that he had liked a girl's pic who was wearing next 2 nothing. I felt so hurt. How hypocritical. Next, I made a mistake which I feel so disappointed in myself 4. He'd told me something in confidence & in anger/upset, I exposed this secret to his dad. Since then, he has blocked me on wtsapp & doesn't want anything 2 do wiv me. I've told him countless times I'm sorry, but he doesn't want me. I've been texting him quite a lot & now he is sayin I am harrassing him.
My question: will he ever realise what he has lost in me? He'd told me on the day I returned his belongings to him that other than the mistake I'd made, I was perfect.


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  • Why the hell are you crying so much for a guy who is first of all just a ex of only 8 months and that too a long distance... a man who disrespected you? He is weird first of all and on top of that he is not even a good person...

    I dont understand why guys like him get girls wanting him back? You girls are really weird...

  • He sounds like a total prick. No, sorry, that would be an insult to the total pricks of the world. He sounds like a thrice used douche of a $5 camel fucking whore who's infected with a raging case of the clap and crabs.

    My advice, dump is worthless ass at the curb, burn anything of his that he hasn't taken, and divorce him.

    You can do so much better than him.

  • Don't worry. They come back. They always do. But that I think is not the real concern anyway. See, hearing just one side of the story is not always the best way to judge someone, but as far as your story goes, I don't think you should accept him back. This constant desire to get attention from someone who may have respected us sometime in the past but now takes you for granted everytime, this is not love. This is what we as humans desire, but trust me, you don't want to be with him, judging by hearing your side. That's going to be the real concern here in my opinion.


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