Should I sent a message to my ex?

My ex and I broke up 6 monts ago. We stop to talk for almost 4 monts then he started to stalking me on FB and I saw him and we had sex and he said that he couldn't have a relationship with me.
Now two months later he started to stalking me on Facebook again (I deleted him but he likes my pics ) ..
I wanna send him a message but I'm afraid that he just ignores me. I don't know what to do.
I don't know if it just for sex.. because he use to said that I was always so horny, and sometimes he just wants to talk and do another stuff..


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  • He's only stalking you because he's horny again. You mean you can't figure this out? Communicating with an ex is always a bad thing

    • He used to said he didn't want me only for sex
      Actually he said I always wanted sex when he only wants to talk with me..

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    • I mean... He is not so sexual!
      Well I don't know what he wants 🤔

    • He fucked you didn't he? You're naïve

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  • If he told you he doesn't want a relationship with you then it's a very stupid idea to text him. What do you hope to gain from it? Look like you can't get over him? If he wants you back, he'll reach out xx


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  • If you just want to sleep with him again then go ahead and message him. But if you want to actually move on and get on with your life, then don't.

  • he obviously likes your pussy. if you enjoy sex with him take a chance. i bet he will respond for another hook up with you

    • I love sex with him... But I don't wanna have sex because he thinks I only want him for that

  • Yeah your just his fuck bucket... cut all ties with that wacko


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