Relationship advise! Please help?

Hey guys, I really need some advise my heads a mess. I've been with my partner for 4 and half years.
I booked a holiday with him 4 weeks ago and we were as happy as ever. The past 3 weeks he has been really horrible to me calling me names like "dickhead" and making me cry and then not asking if I'm ok He also stopped hugging me and kissing me yet still had sex with me... He has decided he he just no longer wants to see me now, I'm devastated I've wasted nearly 5 years of my life on him and he can just walk away so easily without reason. What do you think it could be?


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  • You can speculate - and you will - on the possible causes of this failure and you will simply drive yourself crazy. The only thing that you know for sure is that he is handling this in an immature and disrespectful manner.

    Tell him that if the relationship is over, you need him to say so, and then do NOT keep having sex with him. If it is over, you need to start "picking up the pieces" and getting yourself ready for the rest of your life; having sex with him just prolongs the breakup.

    If he says that the relationship is NOT over, then tell him that you deserve an explanation for his conduct and nothing else will happen in the relationship until he provides that explanation.

    • Thank you, he is coming to collect his things later on today... I just know it's going to be horrible, I just feel really lonely :(

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    • I'm so stupid, he has now told me he hasn't wanted to be with me for months he we just giving me a false sense of security.

    • It would be very natural and understandable for you to feel that you want to kill him but I do NOT recommend that approach. But. . . wow, that is a horrible thing to do to someone and one day (probably not soon) you will decide that you were fortunate to get away from this guy before things got even more serious, like married and children.

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  • He has no right to walk away after 5years of your life. He owes you an explanation.

    • Well I asked him why and his reply was "you know why, you're a dickhead" he is acting asif I have cheated on him or something.. he is SO angry at me and i don't know why. I have not done anything apart from cry a lot but that's because he is always putting me down I don't mean to be annoying :(

    • Then, it's the time you stop crying and ask him in his language. Be harsh and straightforward.

  • What he is doing to you is not ok , you should tell him that but my question to you is what changed? A dude happy & blissful in a long term relationship doesn't turn into an absolute asshole in one week. So what happened?

    • So i called him today said he hasn't wanted to be with me for months on end I feel so stupid.

    • Don't feel stupid , that's life , shit happens , people grow apart. What bothers me about guys & girls is they won't just come out & say it. Just say it's not working for you anymore & you want to break up. He should have done that instead of being an asshole. Dump him , it's going to feel shitty for a while but you will be fine.

  • its all ur fault girl not his


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