A guy I know treats me so bad. I am unable to understand his intention please help me figure out?

I am a girl grown up by orthodox parents, have been studied in all girls colleges and schools. when I first joined in job a guy approached me and started flirting with me. I tried avoided his calls and not responded to his messages. One day he suddenly stopped messaging and calling, I couldn't concentrate on anything I called him to check if he is ok. Later he met with an accident I was calling him daily to check if he has taken medicines slowly I started falling for him. When I am discussing with my girl friends I came to know he flirts with other girls as well. It broke my heart and I tried to stay away from him. Then later after some days he got engaged, I didn't feel anything. I was happy for him. I don't know what happened his engagement broke off, suddenly he started calling me for coffee. I wanted to be there with him during his tough times. we started meeting everyday for coffee and suddenly he compared me and my best friend, praised her and asked me to be like her. I felt so heart broken all I ever wanted to be is to be perfect for him, when I said him how I felt sad when he compared me with her he stressed again that I am so childish and asked me to be matured like her. I stayed away from him for a while but my feelings for him were always there. even though we have a history and we known each other from a long time he doesn't talk to me in public and treats me like I am a stranger in front of my other friends, that part use to puzzle me. I carried with the flow and pretended as if I am just an acquaintance to him. After 6 months our gym timings got coincided again, all the while we stayed in phone contact he use to call me some times in night I use to call whenever I faced any guy problem. deep down I know I am not matured enough to handle guy conflicts and I needed his help. during this time he started to praise my body parts, started telling me that he wanted to tap my a** I am not a strong person to shout and I don't know even I liked that kinda talk


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  • hee is clearly using you for his benefits. If you have feelings for this guy, it will not stop unless you completely avoid him.

    In your case, it might be little difficult to do that, so what you can do is start avoiding his call and msgs with a day gap. after that, make two or three days. And reply after week or something. Give some lame excuses.

    If he cares about you at all, he will not care about public and try and talk to you in front of others. Otherwise, let him be, you deserve better.


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  • He is immature and obviously doesn't know what he wants. He doesn't talk to you in person because his motives are not pure towards you. Don't give him a chance to make you feel bad. Stay away from him, don't pick his calls, don't call him, don't share your problems with him and don't text him to know how he is doing.


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  • Tell him/Message clearly that you are not into him now and he should behave properly with you. Do not encourage his foul behaviour by staying quite. Talk to the H. R department.

  • leave him on his own..


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