Guys, Why doesn't he reply?

I dated tis guy and we were really serious from the get go. He made mistakes and knows I won't leave soon because I stayed even though he had hurt me. He is financially unstable, has a lot of debt, a lot of drama around him and admitted he is not ready to be in a serious relationship even though he likes me a lot.

We have been meeting after that and I felt a lot of tension in my body. I do not want to be friends with benefits but I care about him a lot, so I told him through app that I think it isn't working and asked how he feels. He told me; I am not in the mood for this sorry. A few hours later I replied and said I would like to have his view too so we could have closure together. He never responded. Why doesn't he respond tough? Because he doesn't take me serious? Because he doesn't want to make a decision? Or is this a decision on his part?

We had this talk before and he told me he needed time and coudn't decide. After that I heard all of his issues and that he cannot focus on me right now which is fine. But I don't get it now, guys hoe do you see this?


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  • Move on. He's made it clear that he's not interested in a relationship with you for whatever reason, let go and stop clinging to him. He's told you his side, you just haven't been willing to listen to him and believe him.

    • He still wanted to meet up though and introduced me to his family. I told him its fine have a nice birthday which he replied to. When i asked if he wanted me with him or without him he said please stop. And also said he doesn't want to lose me.. Thats why I am confused

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    • Thankyou! He always said I was selfish when I wanted to leave and that he wants to remain contact and cannot imagine not talking to me.. That is why I said this: If you want to speak to him about this, here is what you can say, “Honey, I have really enjoyed our time together the last months, and have learned a lot about myself. I would have loved for us to be a couple, but that does not seem to be something you want at the moment. While I understand your situation, I believe it is time for me to move on, because this is just not working for me anymore. What do you think?”
      That is what he is not replying to, while I do this because I care about his feelings as well instead of the silent treatment

    • If he doesn't reply, then forget about it and move on!
      You say you're doing this because you care about his feelings, but what it seems that you care most about is him replying to you!
      Drop it. Let it go. Move on!

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