I would like to know. Would you girls date a car guy who's also is streetracer, always without money, spends lot of time with his love (car)?

Had few girls who I liked, but they needed lot of atention and always complained that im always broke becouse of my car :(


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  • that would b a no for me... I dont mind paying for SOME dates, but dont wanna pay for them all...
    and if he's broke, he prolly lives at home, or a lifestyle i wouldn't wanna b a part of...


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  • maybe you'd have better luck if you were more responsible

    • I am responsible, but car parts are expensive :( especialy tires :( with I have to change every two weeks or even earlier :(

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    • with track car? to work? its too loud, suspension is hard, newer with race car to work! I have daily with costs about 500€ thats enought for daily

    • you do you lol

  • Sure you'll get the occasional girl that wants to do it... in the car... going at 100 miles and hour... but for the most part they would just leave since you can't buy them dinner

    • I didn't sed Im that broke 😂 I mean I dont have money on something more expensive like shoes or hadbags something like that

    • hahah that's fine... as long as you can like do stuff with her and have some money for it... she won't care that much. At least you have a car and that's better than most

    • I have two cars one costs like 500€ another much much much more. Guess with one is for daily use?

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