How to get over someone who didn't hurt you?

Please I really need help. I've been in a perfect relationship with the best guy I ever met for a year. We lately fought over something stupid but hurt eachother in the process..
I called several times to apologize but he didn't pick up. I understood he didn't want to fix things, I felt bad, rejected and more hurt so I deleted everything related to him, his number, our picture, everything... and I went to his place when he wasn't there to take my stuff and left him the keys. Later that night he called me, texted me. I think thay my pride kept me from picking up Or replying to his texts although I was aching to talk to him..

he didn't try after that and neither did I. We don't see eachother. We don't talk. He doesn't exist in my life anymore and I feel like half of me is missing. I am constantly sad, I think about him all the time. Every time I wonder where he is or what he's doing, I can't help crying at the thought of him being with someone else, or loving someone else. I feel so weak that I find myself dialing his phone number sometimes or going near his place but I never talk to him. And what hurts me in a funny way is how stupidly we split. It was NOTHING but one of those daily couple fights, but pride fueled it that time.
it feels weird to be used to sleeping next to someone every night for a whole year and just suddenly cut them off of your life. It's like I can't enjoy life by my own anymore. I am busy, I spend a lot time with family and friends or at work, yet I feel like there's a whole in my heart that no one else can fill,
i really need advice on how to get over him and stop seeing him everywhere I go and thinking about him all the time. I love him deeply but it has to stop
How to get over someone who didn't hurt you?
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