Have you ever want to get back with a ex but you both were dating other people and you thought he or she hated you?

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  • No, the ex is an ex for a reason. Sometimes I wonder or want to get back with them (never when I'm dating someone else, it's usually a weak moment I have when I'm single and feeling a tad lonely) and then I remind myself that we broke up for a reason and sure they might agree to get back together with me but then we'd just break up again for the same reason we broke up the first time. Exes are part of your relationship past, move on, don't look back.

    • what makes you think you would broke up agin for the same reason? my friend is married to her ex

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    • I mean, a friend and I were having this conversation, if it's just a random stray thought, it doesn't mean anything, but if you indulge in the fantasy, that's where we both agreed we'd wonder if the person is truly happy in their relationship. Most people get those random stray thoughts, but we don't pay heed to them and dismiss them immediately. When I am saying, wonder about getting back with your ex, I am saying fantasizing, indulging that thought. Still, personally I'd never get back together with an ex, I don't fancy those odds, but to each their own and every situation and every couple is different. The pros of getting back were never enough to outweigh the cons for me.

    • Ii understand

  • I could NEVER hate you!
    Please just talk to me😊


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  • Nope. Usually when it's something like that often times it's unfinished business


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