I broke up with my gf?

hey guys.. i broke up with my girlfriend a week ago.. i can't say im jaded but i feel sad.. to be exact I've seen her 2 times since we broke up and we chat from time time so i can't be sure how i will be when i lose her for good. i tried several times to get back together but she insists that we dont have any future together.. she also says though that she still likes me and loves me. so the big guestion.. what should i do? do be releastic we had lots of fights and sex wasn't very good but i feel that i can't lose her.. maybe im weak and i dont really want her but i dont know.. any how if i want to win her back what should i do? do u think i have enough hopes or not?


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  • well it seems like she doesn't want u anymore she is just saying she loves u cuz she doesn't wanna hurt u more. dont force it, just respect her decision and find u another girl. its hard in the beginning but u'll get through it.

    • remember when one door closes another one opens.

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    • do u feel good now?

    • well most of the time i do. but sometimes i ask myself "does he miss me?" or "does he think about me?". apart from that im busy talking with other guys i met recently

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  • It's hard to say if she's playing with your feelings or if she genuinely has concerns from what you're saying but I would be respectful of her choices. The fact you had an apparently good relationship together is something that should hold you both together however she wants to be single again but naturally has feelings for you. Agree to take a break from now but reassure her that you are always there for her as a friend and as much as that hurts you, you'll deal with it. However actions speak louder than words so don't then go and disrespect her in any way.

    • i feel like she is playing with me.. her attitude is bad when we chat via fb but when are together she flirts with me.. do you find this normal? (im not saying that when we are together she wants to be with me or we have sex but she flirts with me and we kiss.)

    • She may be unsure of what she wants herself. Some girls get scared of getting too close so they back off. It could be a hereditary issue or a fear motivated self protection.

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  • Sex is really important, i say that because if you don't satisfy her she's going to look for someone that will excite her same with you, fights are little issues that can be dealt with communication. Think really good if you want something serious before you try getting back with her and hurting her
    Don't be selfish in holding her back just because you don't want to loose her or see her go


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  • I'm sorry, really I am, but you'll get over it, it's not the first nor the last time you hesr this, tho...
    Focus on you, go out with your friends, you can do this


  • im pretty sure she is just as stupid as most girls
    finding that one girl is rough


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