Let's sum this up. Am I being used?

I'm going to tell you everything I know.

We broke up 8 times. That's really all you need to know.

How she acts around me:
From the beginning she would introduce me to her family and friends. I've pretty much know all her family and friends. Most of them anyways.

When we go out she does not like to kiss or hold hands in public. Now I even asked her, "If we go into Walmart and I want to kiss you, would you?" She said yes and Walmart isn't a big deal. She says she doesn't like public affection. (When I was hanging out with her before, she asked her brother if they were going to kiss in a play we were going to. She said it was disgusting.) When I'm with her family she does kiss me but she doesn't make out with me in front of them. We give small kisses but that about it. I hug her and everything in front of them.

When we are out she never tells her friends we are dating. I am always the one to tell them. She doesn't get mad when I tell them, but that could be a note she doesn't tell them in person.

She is very childish. Gets mad when I go over friends house and is very jealous. We have broken up and she says to me she doesn't want a relationship. She is scared of them cause they never work out.

We broke up cause she said I lie to much. She said if we be friends and I don't lie about everything I have a high chance to get her back.

She tells me she doesn't talk to guys or anyone else. Just friends she doesn't feel attracted to. She doesn't car about me talking to girls but if I start talking to other females I like, she would do the same with guys.

Now, she never ask me to buy her anything. I'm always the one to say, I'll buy you this and stuff. When I don't want to go out, she gets mad SOMETIMES.

She has never asked me to buy anything expect once for food. Then she didn't even say buy me food. She said let's go get food. Which is implying she wants me to buy her food.

Is she using me.


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  • Im going to be honest here. I used to act the same way she does. I'm still with the same guy I broke up with 12 times in the beginning. We have been together for seven years. I do not know if she's using you. You need to search within yourself and your relationship with her to know if it is.

    • Seriously? Well you took him back or was it back and forth.

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    • Im asking out of curiosity. I think there's no other way but to have the conversation with her because if you don't you will never know.

    • Sorry for the late reply. You saying this is kinda making me go about this friend thing. She said she may never be able to trust me but she likes to push my buttons too with stuff.

      I'm going to have to remain calm and just be chill with her. I don't know if I could do that if she bring a guy to hang out with though. What if she does something like that, what do you think that means?

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  • Sounds like you're using her, wheather or not you know it. If she says she's leaving, let her leave. if its a mistake and she comes back to you give it another try, if it means that much to you, anything after that is either her not respecting you, or you having little self-respect and projecting that on to her. Happiness can not come from other people if you can not be happy on your own to begin with.


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  • i don't think she's using you per se, but GODDAMN, THIS WOMAN HAS ISSUES.

    dude, have some standards; at this point, you're just staying with her because she's familiar and therefore safe. but it's not worth it.

  • Dang enough is enough 8 times? Forget about her

  • no u are making her use u


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