My ex suddenly seems annoyed with me. Is he or is he just completely over me?

Well I guess I'm assuming because I kept asking him " what we are" " where is this going" " how do you feel about us" " can we talk".. Synopsis, I messed up 7 months ago - we called it quits. 2 months later I came back after NC, he was very angry, still hurt, didn't know if he could believe me or trust me. Told him I want to prove my love for him. He said ok that's fine. Talked everyday for 5 months. Some days he was distant others up my butt texting like we used to. Still says he's unsure about us. We've slept together then after a few times he said we shouldn't anymore he doesn't want to hurt me and lead me on in the long run if he does decide not to get back together. I agreed. We continued talking. He made attempts to hang out, but never followed through. Eventually he even said " I know we should hang out" he said on his own out of no where. He canceled plans again and felt really bad about it. Came over the following week and we were intimate. He still repeated " you need to relax and stop asking all the time I told you we'll hang out". I've been pestering him about what we are, where it's going and besides the "still unsure", he also said " you do realize by trying to be pushy and asking every other time isn't helping your cause at all". He once again bailed on hanging this past weekend after saying " possibly, 60% chance I'll say ok"... seemed extremely annoyed with me that day, ignored me yesterday until he finally said " this is the exact reason I'm not answering you. Stop texting me like we date, I don't have to answer your every text"... I once again asked him " do you even want this to workout between us? It's ok if you don't just tell me".. again he ignored me. Finally I said " I can't do this. I love you but I don't think you love me anymore and that's ok, I need to face facts and move on. I wish we could of worked this out, but if we can't even hang out, there's no way we can".. all he said "bye" Nothing to or from since.


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