Confused about how to do it and tell him about it ?

I'm in a relationship since last 6 months and now I want to brekup with that guy. he is really a nice person but we hardly talked since we got into relationship I never called him to have a talk or never messaged him he always got frustrated at times because I don't speak much. but he never understood that I'm a shy person and don't speak up easily and we hardly met 2-3 times within our 6 months of relationship.
now I want to get out of this relationship because I don't think we r compatible but at the same time I don't want to hurt him.
I am confused if it's OK to brkup with him or I'm just being selfish.
  • yes you r being selfish
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  • it's OK if u don't want to be in a relationship with him
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  • its ok. this wasn't even a relationship tbh.

    2-3 times in 6 months. that's like once in 2 months like a long distance relationship and those are most likely doomed to fail.


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  • it sounds a long like you have the problem. You admitted your shyness hindered this relationship. tell him. then work it out. Bring it to the next level. just sleep with him.

  • Talk nicely call him on dinner than explain him nicely u both r nt compitable so have to move on.
    bst of luck.

  • Better end it here than do it later..

  • You should tell him maturely 😊


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