How to become less attracted to my ex and fully move on and recover and everything and never have feelings for him again?

Not to be too personal but sex produces the love hormone oxytocin so it's harder to get over him, according to my dad.


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  • Just accept that it's over and get into new things to get your mind off things.

  • you'll never not have feelings for them and I think you have to accept that. They were a part of you and you cared about them. However with that being said, closure is super important even if it just with yourself and understanding why it didn't work out. it's also a good idea to focus purely on yourself and your happiness which could mean going out for walks to clear your head, surrounding yourself with friends, pursuing new hobbies to distract, going out more and experiencing new things, eating your favorite meal, or even something as simple as finding a

    the most important thing you can do though is detach yourself from him in order to give yourself a time to move on and forcing yourself to become a focal point in order to be okay with being single.


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